Preconstruction Services

Lemoine’s Preconstruction Services are designed to monitor client satisfaction from the project’s inception. A well defined plan ensures our Client receives a building which meets the intended form and function. By carefully assessing and planning budgets, schedule, and constructability, Lemoine is able to maintain effective project controls and a well-coordinated project build.

Preconstruction Services include budgeting, project estimating, and forecasting. We provide clients with high-level Opinions of Probable Cost when needed or complete bid estimates when requested. There is always full transparency when reviewing numbers with our clients, helping them to effectively plan for their building project. Our proprietary estimating database is the foundation of our business and is grounded in successful hard bid experience. When necessary, Lemoine assists with Value Analysis, a process by which we assess portions or attributes of the building project to offer constructive feedback on opportunities to reduce costs.

In preparing any construction bid, Lemoine thoroughly analyzes the building and technical systems designated for the project and ensures the constructability of the entire facility. Trade and craft services are prequalified through a detailed vetting process which checks for quality work history, financial strength, and reputation.