Nicholson Gateway Development Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Client RISE
Size 822,231 SF Student Housing, 9,937 SF Recreation, 264,682 SF Parking Garage, 38,365 SF Retail

Located on the campus of Louisiana State University, the Nicholson Gateway Development project spreads approximately 24 acres along Nicholson Drive to the North Gates of campus. Rising on the former site of Alex Box baseball stadium and marriage and family housing, this project began with the removal of existing foundations, paving and structures.

Project scope includes construction of 7 new student housing buildings consisting of wood frame construction, a pre-cast parking garage and retail space for future tenants. The project also includes approximately 24 acres of landscape, paving and unit pavers as well as improvements to Nicholson Drive.

The 822,231 SF of student housing apartments range between 4 and 6 stories and house a total of 1,525 beds across 768 units. A 5-story 802-space parking garage is also part of the development.

In addition, 38,365 SF of retail space will be created at the ground level making way for 6 retail tenants. 9,937 SF of recreational space is also encompassed in the development.