Mignon Faget Lafayette, Louisiana

Client Mignon Faget, LTD
Size 1,744 SF

Located in Parc Lafayette, Mignon Faget is one of many high end retailers who have made their home in one of Lafayette’s newest developments. Exterior construction included demolition of 3 existing door entrances and installation of 3 new storefronts at exterior. The iconic Mignon Faget sign was also installed at the building’s exterior. The interior build out included new drywall partitions, new rubber flooring, new drywall and acoustical ceiling tiles, and patch and paint of existing walls. Also included in the improvements were a new jewelry floor and wall casework, hardwood flooring, light fixtures and granite countertops.

In addition, sprinklers were installed and existing ductwork was insulated. Owner furnished speaker wire, speakers, and security system were also installed.