Foundations for Success

Lemoine’s Foundations for Success were crafted to govern all business operations. These foundations are the driver for the operational process by which each Lemoine project is run. We recognize exemplary employees who are stewards of these foundations and hold all employees accountable to these processes.


  • We will ensure safety is first in all that we do
  • We will live and enforce the LIFE® Program
  • We will never compromise safety for the sake of schedule or cost
  • We will train our people in all aspects of safety


  • We will continually source the best talent at all levels of our organization and put our best people on our greatest opportunities
  • We will provide consistent training and development opportunities for our people
  • We will have robust business development process to ensure we choose the right work
  • We will select projects with discipline to ensure they align with our business plan and capabilities


  • We will ensure the Operations Team drives the Preconstruction process
  • We will assemble the project team early and clearly communicate roles, responsibilities and schedule during the preconstruction reviews
  • We will know all scopes of work, procure wisely and be good stewards of our resources
  • We will estimate and price the work with great detail and accuracy using all resources available
  • We will source the best trade partners for the project based on competency, capacity and price


  • We will ensure quality in every activity holding all stakeholders accountable
  • We will create detailed project specific QA/QC plans to ensure that all work is installed correctly throughout the course of the project
  • We will know and manage our contract documents
  • We will implement a thorough submittal review and expediting plan


  • We will utilize the Lemoine Scheduling process to develop a solid schedule early in the procurement phase with internal and external stakeholder and input and buy‐in
  • We will accurately update schedules weekly and bring daily critical path activities to focus with the start of each day
  • We will understand and be accountable to all critical components and milestones of the schedule and will take immediate erective action when these are threatened
  • We will lead the way holding ourselves and all stakeholders accountable to the schedule to ensure customer satisfaction
  • We will finish strong by developing project‐specific closeout plans and we will never be late!


  • We will continually measure key parameters, including safety, quality, scheduling, and costs, and challenge ourselves to improve by using established metrics and goals
  • We will conduct monthly project reviews to assess team effectiveness and employee satisfaction
  • We will measure customer satisfaction through Project Success planning surveys, customer testimonials, and repeat business
  • We will recognize that project success is a necessary outcome of all that we do and is the key to our future.