Lemoine Engineering Advancement Program (LEAP)

Entry-level college graduates with backgrounds in construction management, engineering, or architecture are the ideal candidates for this rotational training experience. Lemoine Engineering Advancement Program (LEAP) participants are initially assigned to Estimating, Project Management, or Field Supervision and guided throughout the program by a Coach in each respective discipline.

Through the formal rotation—typically 9-12 months, depending on project assignment/requirements—in each of these three (3) disciplines, combined with formal training, the LEAP participants are exposed to a well-rounded professional experience in the field of construction management. At the conclusion of the training period, the LEAP participant and their Coaches evaluate strengths to decide which long-term career path the LEAP participant should pursue. LEAP participants typically graduate and get promoted to Assistant Project Managers, Assistant Superintendents, or Estimators continuing the evolution of their careers with a solid foundation in all aspects of construction.



Brice Marks LEAP from The Lemoine Company on Vimeo.

Keegan Kennedy LEAP from The Lemoine Company on Vimeo.