The Lemoine Company is available and equipped to handle disaster response, recovery and restoration of your buildings and properties.

Lemoine has extensive experience gained from working on a range of local, state and Gulf Regional projects for both commercial clients and government agencies. We not only understand, but we have tackled and solved routine and complex coordination, operational, procurement, technical, and recovery issues associated with executing similar disaster recovery events by providing our traditional construction services and in mitigating this rapidly accelerating and evolving historic flood event. Our ethical working relationship with the State of Louisiana and parish government agencies, and our experience combined with our knowledge of state and federal regulations, policies and procedures, means that your company will have a reliable and responsive team of industry experts that will hit the ground running to support your organization.

The Lemoine Company has the capability to expedite mobilization of multiple experienced superintendents and support teams between our Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans market operations, many of these who reside near or along the I-10 and I-12 interstate corridors now impacted. Many members of these teams are experienced and knowledgeable in program mission goals, controls and delivery execution. We have the trade partner sources that can provide immediate response and stabilization services required as the flooded areas dissipate to prevent rapid bio containment and environmental hazards within building and facility premises.

Our citizenry, infrastructure, public entities and private industry have all been touched by this horrible event. Should you need assistance immediately or would like to communicate with our team about your recovery needs, please contact:

Andrew Sexton


 Will Rachal