June Wellness Champion - Ronnie Patton

We’d like to recognize our Lemoine Wellness Champion of the Month for June- Ronnie Patton!

For those of you who don’t know, Ronnie began working with us in 1999 and will celebrate his 20th year with Lemoine next August! Ronnie is a Senior Project Superintendent working on the CPRT 6A on The Water Campus in Baton Rouge. He also will celebrate his birthday this month on July 15th.

Here’s Ronnie’s recap of how he got started:

“In 1992, I took a job in Southeast Asia and before I was able to start I had to go thru a series of physical events and at that time I weighed a whopping 287 pounds and after almost not passing the physical events I knew I had to change my life style! So, three days later I started my journey with an eating plan and exercise plan and 8 months later my weight was 195 pounds.

My exercise plan started out with only be able to walk for 15 minutes and worked my way up to walking for 2 hours non-stop. And in 1999, after coming to work at Lemoine, I met a gentleman that worked for TAF while Mike Lemoine and I were doing the COX Communication Center on the LSU Campus that got me involved in the BODY FOR LIFE program. And that's when I joined South Downs Gym!”

Ronnie’s best advice about living a healthy lifestyle is “it has to be your decision! And when you want to change, you must have a plan in place, not just a diet you try to follow”.

Here is more information about the BODY FOR LIFE community from

  • The website includes a “toolkit” that includes –
    • Nutrition – Meal Planning, Recipes, Nutrition Articles
    • Exercise – Cardio, Weight Training, Exercise Articles, Intensity Scale
    • Calculators – Body Mass Index, Body Fat, and Heart Rate
    • Progress Tracking – Journals, Lists, Spreadsheets, Goals, Reports
    • Challenge Information – General Info, Past Champions & Success Stories
  • You can create an account online and register for the challenge to join the BFL community like Ronnie

BODY FOR LIFE is a 12-week fitness and nutrition challenge designed to educate and empower participants not just to “get in shape” but to reach higher than they ever dreamed they could. Over the years, our program has helped to transform more than 4 million bodies and lives.

Congratulations, Ronnie, on achieving your goal and striving every day to be a healthier you!